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Individual SharePoint Development

What is SharePoint able to do?

With the SharePoint-Platform Microsoft is providing an efficient webbased tool to support distributed teams in different locations. It offers tools for document management, tasklists, calendars, forums or wikis. Even simple workflows can be defined using standard features. Setted up correctly it can be used as the central company communication platform, including portal functionality and global searches.

Where are the limits of SharePoint?

Mapping complex business processes can be very hard using the standard functions. Workflows are integrated very simple and huge lists can be very unflexible to handle and confusing. Furthermore there are usualy different demands on the business processes within the diverse departments, that have to be considered.

Now we come into play!

Exactly in these cases our clients enlist our expertise. In the first step we are analyzing the requirements and try to fullfill them using SharePoint standard features. If this is not possible, will implement the features by customizing existing functions or developing new ones.


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