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Works with Windows Server 2008 R2

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TeamCalendar Webpart

  • Direct Display of Calendar Entries of the Members of a SharePoint Group
    On the team site the Outlook Calendar entries of all members of the SharePoint group are automatically displayed; reading access must be granted to the calendar or appointments in Outlook.
  • Clear Day, Week and Month View
    You can quickly switch between daily, weekly and monthly view. The daily view shows all essential details of the entry: title, begin, end and location. In the weekly and monthly view, these details appear by resting the mouse over the entry.
  • A Summary of all availabilities can be displayed
    At the uppermost position the line with the title “All” can be selected to display a summary of all availabilities.
  • Integration of the SharePoint Status Indicator
    In addition to the name of each team member a symbol is shown that indicates whether the person is logged in to Windows Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.
  • Data Retrieved through WebDAV or Exchange Web Service
    The data will be retrieved through WebDAV or Exchange Web Service, as long as it is supported by Exchange Server.
  • Saving Appointment Data Temporarily on the SharePoint Server
    The appointment data is temporarily saved on the SharePoint Server (configurable from 0-60 Min.), increasing loading speed.
  • Adding new Appointments
    You can invite Teamsite members to new appointments when you are using Exchange 2007 or 2010.
  • Setting different filter
    The different appointment types (private, absent etc.) can be filtered. You also can search for content.

Further information including information about installation can be found in the User Manual. You can download this here:

Download TeamCalendar Manual (PDF)

A free trial version can be downloaded here:

Download free trial

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