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Works with Windows Server 2008 R2

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TeamCalendar Installation

I. Installation on the Server

You receive the TeamCalendar as a .zip file.
  1. Unpack the .zip file into a directory of your choice.

  2. Open the unpacked .exe file on the SharePoint Server.

  3. Click “Yes” on the following window and “Next” on the next window in order to begin the installation.

  4. Follow the further instructions of the installation assistant. Detailed instructions can be found in the Manual you received with the download.

II. Integration in the Team Site

After successful installation, the TeamCalendar still must be integrated in the SharePoint Team Site.

  1. Open the Site Actions menu on your team site and select “Site Settings.”

  2. From the column “Site Collection Administration” select “Site collection features.”

  3. In the menu that then opens, scroll until you see the TeamCalendar entry and click on the button “Activate.” The TeamCalendar is now activated for your team site.

  4. In order to display the TeamCalendar on your team site, open the SiteActions menu on the team site again and this time select “Edit Page.”

  5. Now click on the button “Add a Web Part” in order to integrate the TeamCalendar on your team site.

  6. A window will open in which all available Web Parts are listed. Scroll to the end of this list, check TeamCalendar and click “Add.”

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