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Works with Windows Server 2008 R2

TeamCalendar FAQ

To use the TeamCalendar the premises to have access to the calendar entries of the Team-Members on the Exchange Server must be given! Problems during the setup of the Webpart are mostly caused due to locked calendars or insufficient user rights.

Please contact your Exchange System Administrator concerning this matter or search the Internet for how-to’s. Here is an example:

hese are the most frequently problems:

I. No Team Members are Displayed.

The selected SharePoint group has no members. Please add members to the selected group in the Web Part Configuration, or select another group.

II. No appointments are shown for the members.

This can have multiple causes:
  1. Check if you have permission to view the calendars of the users. Contact your administrator for more information.
  2. An email account has not been assigned to the users.

III. Detailed information about the appointment is not displayed.

The calendars of the affected members have not been made public. Exchange uses a multi-level security concept. The calendar must be set up such that anonymous visitors have reading access or a standard access is created.

Contact your administrator for more information.

IV. There are no detailed information shown in the tool tip.

Check if you are using a custom sharepoint theme. If this is the case, there are some CSS-Classes missing.

Choose a standard theme or add the missing classes. You will find a list of the required classes in the Manual.

V. Error message: Failed to fetch Appointments - Error 401.

  1. he user that is accessing the Teamsite is not allowed to open the calendar-entries of other members.

    If this is desired, define another user in the Webpart-Configuration that is allowed to open the Exchange-Folder.

    Otherwise allow the user to read the calendar of other users in exchange.
  2. The calendars are locked. Here is a howto:

VI. Error message: Failed to fetch Appointments - Error 403.

The SharePoint server and the Exchange server are communicating via e secure connection. In case of using a self-assigned SSL-Certificate you first have to add this one to the list of secure certificates on your SharePoint server. Please contact your System administrator for further instructions. Alternatively you can use an officially exposed certificate which you can get from a Certificate Agency.
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