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Current Version for Sharepoint 2013: 1.6.8 (Release Date: 01/04/2014) - Download*
Current Version for Sharepoint 2010: 1.6.8 (Release Date: 28/01/2015) - Download*
Current Version for Sharepoint 2007: 1.6.6 (Release Date: 01/04/2012) - Download*

With TeamCalendar Web Part collaboration in a team is easier and more efficient. The TeamCalendar Web Part is a plug-in for your SharePoint team site. If your company uses the Windows Exchange Server and Windows SharePoint Services or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, TeamCalendar shows the availability of team members on your team site.

Price: € 395,00


Current Version for SharePoint 2010: 2.0 (Release Date: 03/06/2012) - Download*
Current Version for SharePoint 2007: 2.0 (Release Date: 11/29/2010) - Download*

The list filter can be connected to any standard or custom SharePoint list and allows for filtering of a current view in accordance with freely selected criteria. This in turn allows the columns and field types of the connected lists to be read out and filtered. Once a list filter has been created it can be archived permanently and is thus available to all team members.

Price: Single Server License: € 199,00; Enterprise-License: € 899,00

* Note: To use this Webpart you will need a valid license. If you have already purchased the webpart you can simply install the actual version and use the software as before. If you do not own a license choose the "Download Trial Version"-Link in the left menu of the application you would like to test.
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