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ListFilter Webpart

Keep track of your complex Sharepoint-Lists using the List-Filter-Webpart allocating advanced filteroptions.

The List Filter allows you to:
  • Automatic readout of all available fields
    List Filter Web Part automatically reads out all available standard and self-defined list fields and makes them available for searching.
  • Supports searches of all fields
    List Filter Web Part allows you to search specific fields, as well as all list fields or all fields in the current view.
  • Field type specific input fields
    List Filter Web Part provides you with an entry tool for the specific type of field that is being filtered. For example: if you choose a date field, a date picker appears; if you choose a user field, a people picker appears; and if a selection field is to be filtered, the available parameters automatically appear.
  • Entry validation
    List Filter Web Part does automatic plausibility checks of your entries. For example, if you enter a text element in a number field an error message appears.
  • Filter interconnection
    An unlimited number of filters can be interconnected using the Boolean operators AND/OR.
  • Searches for multiple values
    Unlike integrated SharePoint filtering, List Filter Web Part allows you to search multiple fields as well as multiple values within a text field.
  • Use of placeholders for user and date fields
    List Filter Web Part allows you to carry out dynamic searches. Search results can be displayed according to the user doing the search and/or the current day (plus or minus x number of days).
  • Archiving previous search queries
    You can permanently archive your search queries so that they’re available for use by other team members.
  • Set a Standardfilter
    Previously saved queries can be defined as a standard filterset. This will be used automatically every time the site is loaded.
  • Optional limitation of the available fields
    The fields, that are available for filtering, can be selected in the webpartconfiguration. Even hidden fields can be used for filtering.
  • Interaction with the Sharepoint-View-Filter
    You can use the ListFilter to extend, overwrite or search within the filter settings, that are made in the Sharepoint-View.
  • Localization
    The Webpart supports the following language settings: English (default), German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Excel-Export
    The filter result can be exported into an Excel-Sheet.
For further information about List Filter Web Part, including system installation, see the user manual, which you can download here:

Download ListFilter Manual (PDF)

A free trial version can be downloaded here:

Download free trial

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