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ListFilter Release Notes

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Note: To use this Webpart you will need a valid license. If you have already purchased the webpart you can simply install the actual version and use the software as before. If you do not own a license you can order a trialversion here.

Version: 2.0 (Date: 03/06/2012):
New Feature:
  • Language support for Portuguese
Version: 2.0 (Date: 02/12/2012):
New Feature:
  • Restricted support for calculated lookup fields
  • Some layout improvements
Version: 2.0 (Date: 12/02/2011):
New Feature:
  • Supporting Spanish languange
  • Performance improvements when filtering lists with more than 500 entries
Version: 2.0 (Date: 10/21/2011):
New Feature:
  • Fixing a JavaScript bug in Firefox that causes a non visible search field
Version: 2.0 (Date: 01/07/2011):
New Feature:
  • Support of managed metadata fields
Version: 2.0 (Date: 11/29/2010):
New Feature:
  • Language support for: English (default), German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian.
  • Excel-Export
Version: 1.1 (Date: 09/16/2010):
New Feature:
  • So far the ListFilter could only be used within the selected SharePoint-View. It was not possible to display results, that where found by the ListFilter but filtered by the SharePoint-View. Now, you can choose how the ListFilters behaviour should be:

    • The ListFilter and the SharePoint-View are linked with "AND" (Defaultvalue and the known behaviour)
    • The ListFilter and the SharePoint-View are linked with "OR". This setting will also show results, that where usually filtered by the SharePoint-View
    • The ListFilter overwrites the Sharepoint-View-Settings
Version: 1.1 (Date: 08/28/2010):
  • Solving minor CSS-Class-Issues
Version: 1.1 (Date: 08/09/2010):
  • Queries of a specific size could not be handled. This is fixed.

    In addition:
    • Multiple keywords in a field are now compined with AND
    • The default field has been changed to "Any field in current view"
    • The field "Any Field" only contains hidden ones, if these are activated in the configuration menu
    • Bugfix of a problem by filtering user fields
Version: 1.1 (Date: 07/14/2010):
New Feature:
  • Supporting the fieldtype "Name" in document libraries.
Version: 1.1 (Date: 06/17/2010):
  • Enhanced performance by searching huge lists and solving a problem with fields that have the same display name.
Version: 1.1 (Date: 06/02/2010):
  • Bugfixing handling saved and formated XML-Files on some systems.
Version: 1.1 (Date: 03/10/2010):
  • Supporting of connected lists.
Version: 1.1 (Date: 03/02/2010):
New Features:
  • Settings that are made in the current session are obtained during changing the page or reloading the site.
  • The ListFilter can now be used on sites allowing anonymous access.
Version: 1.1 (Date: 11/26/2009):
New Features:
  • Previously saved filter can be setted up as default view.
  • Available fields for filtering can be defined.

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