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ListFilter Configuration

The following settings can be made:
Creating connections to a SharePoint list
List Filter Web Part can only be connected to lists that are shown on the page. To do this, open the Site Actions menu and select Edit Page.

Open the Web Part configuration and select the list you would like to connect.
Additional settings

Default View
A standard filter set can be chosen in the Webpart configuration. This one will be used automatically every time the page is loaded.

Use current filter of connected list view
Configure the interaction between the Web Part and the filter that is set up in the Sharepoint view. There are three options available:
  1. Overwrite current view filter
    A filter that is set up in the Sharepoint view will have no effekt.
  2. Combine both filters with "AND"
    The Web Part only searches within the choosen Sarepoint view (default).
  3. Combine both filters with "OR"
    The list will showa results that fits either the Wep Part settings or the one from the Sharepoint view.
List of available fields
Here you can choose which fields are available for searching. Show all fields (even hidden ones by checking the box "Show hidden fields") or make a selection among the available fields.

To do so, enable the option "Selected fields" an choose the fields you would like to add from the list. To remove fields from the list, check them in the list "Selected fields" and click "Remove".

License Information

License (XML)
You will receive registration information via email. Open the XML file in a text editor and copy the total contents into the field "License (XML)". Then click on "Apply" or "Ok". The Web Part is now activated.

Additional settings

Display results count
Enabling this option will show a filter result count in a statusbar.
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